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Women Drinking Beer

May 4, 2018

This interview is a dream come true for Katie and Cathy: chatting with THE first all female owned micro-brewery in MN owners Jill and Deb of Urban Growler! Jill and Deb discuss what it was like to get their brewery started, their goal to be recognized beyond their female ownership status, and how beer is here to bring people together.

We want to thank Jill and Deb for being such amazing guests and amazing people.  We recorded this back on Dec 2nd and it was out of love and respect that it took so long to get this episode out. It also means we were pretty new to all this so we forgot to thank them on the episode so Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Beers we mention: Amber Skyline, Candy Corn Imperial Cream Ale, Russian Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter

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