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Women Drinking Beer

Apr 19, 2018

Katie and Cathy review Bent Brewstillery out of Roseville, MN which sends them on an emotional roller coaster!  They deeply apologize for all the EFFs said, but it couldn't be helped.  They were also super tired/had a long day and really needed a beer, so this episode happened.  Covered in this episode: Nordic Blonde (Blonde Ale,) Über Lüpin (Schwarz IPA,) Nicked (Export Double Stout,) and Enuff (IPA.) Cathy's favorite was Nicked and Katie's favorite was Enuff.

Keeping Us Local: Indeed Stir Crazy, Katie's friend Chris's home brew

Honorable Mentions: @hrishihirway @joshmalina (Twitter) @theflyingbeergirl (Instagram) Bitches Brew Crew MN (meetup)